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Double Posted

I am a member of a community online that I have found myself to be very dissapointed in today. Granted, there are mostly younger teenagers on this community, but I had thought that most of them had more sense than what I have encountered today. Basically, I was browsing the forums today and found this, and am now extremely frustrated by most of the reactions.

Sexist acts in public schools.

Monday, I was rather shocked to hear this over the intercom:

"We have a challenge for all you girls! This Friday you are to keep your hearts.
Friday, each girl will be given a heart neckalace. With this, you are not allowed to talk the entire day, unless to a teacher. Any boy that catches you talking will take your heart. The boy with the most hearts at the end of the day will recieve a $30 prize! Good luck, girls!"

Is it just me, or does this seem like a sexist act? It takes away our right as American women to speak where and when we want to. Naturally, there's the option of forfeting your heart at the beginning of the day, but why should a man be rewarded for our silence? It's a nice though and seems like fun, but it leaves us open. Already I've heard that the boys will begin to throw insults at random girls just to get the heart necklace.

Thus far, people have replied with the appropriate "yes, that's sexist and it needs to stop," but I have sadly seen more people attacking the girl for being concerned about this.

My reply was (under the username kat'rina):
That is INCREDIBLY sexist.

This is incredibly innapropriate. I'm very much appalled that it would be encouraged.

...and then I went on to correct someone else's statement about feminists being idiots.

What are your thoughts? This equally outrages and concerns me, but I'm not sure how to respond.
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